lil’ fox

artsy shit with celina and her artsy friends :]

same picture. three different interpretations.

i suuuuuck at drawing/sketching people. #art #drawing #pencil #sketching


trying to keep busy while i look for a job.

-doing a 30 day html/css online course
-downloaded a fuckton of design books and tutorials for inspo
-bike riding…though it’s been a week
-leeloo dallas multipass
-mass effect 3! (Done)
-got 2 vegan cookbooks. gonna mess with some good eats.
-sending out my resume at least 4 or 5 times every other day or so. (heeelp!)
-tattoo? maybe

also i just ordered a wacom bamboo create tablet that i just cannot wait to use.

you’re being a dick summer 2012

westgate. #streetart #weslaco #biking #art #print  (Taken with Instagram)

from one artist to another.i’m not giving up photography.i would never.
i’m just going in a different direction.i’m moving on to bigger and better things. 


octopus. watercolour, moleskine


"Art is creative, we are destructive."


working late. inky hands. they were a lot worse.


Dance Typography Workshop Group Planking on Flickr.

this was a lot of fun.

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