when did my blog turn into a typography/design/vegan food blog?

lil’ fox


i don’t want to go to work tomorrow
i don’t want to be a manager
i don’t want to work in retail
i don’t want to wake up at 7:30 just to go to a meeting
i don’t care what my boss has to say about our progress (or lack thereof)
and his stupid sarcasm really doesn’t help.

i want to design.
i want to be creative.

but sometimes i forget how…


a few months ago, someone asked me if pursuing a degree in graphic design was worth all the trouble.


that all depends on you.
if it’s what you love to do then i’m sure it will be.

it’s a tough field though. and very competitive. 
if you don’t know what you’re doing then shame on you.

go out there.
meet new people/clients.
and have fun. 

also…don’t be afraid to fail.
it might feel shitty but take what you learn from the experience and get it right the next time. 

personally, despite my hard time actually finding a design job (hire me plzz), i think it was well worth it. and i still love what i do. that’s why i got into this field in the first place. to be creative, to learn and try new things, to challenge myself.  

i hope i can find something soon though. 
and i wish anyone in the same predicament the best of luck. 


i’ve applied for every single graphic design position available in texas (and a few other places in other states) for the past few months.
and still…nothing. 

beyond frustrating.



trying to keep busy while i look for a job.

-doing a 30 day html/css online course
-downloaded a fuckton of design books and tutorials for inspo
-bike riding…though it’s been a week
-leeloo dallas multipass
-mass effect 3! (Done)
-got 2 vegan cookbooks. gonna mess with some good eats.
-sending out my resume at least 4 or 5 times every other day or so. (heeelp!)
-tattoo? maybe

also i just ordered a wacom bamboo create tablet that i just cannot wait to use.

you’re being a dick summer 2012


i really hope i get this job.

Anonymous asked:
What kind of jobs can you get with a graphic design degree? and do you think it's a worthwhile major because I'm going to start taking classes for that but I'm unsure of it

also.i graduated from college this past weekend. 

i guess it’s a fish. (get it?)
worst part of this…the type is in comic sans -__________- ugh. 

yet another presentation. this time at IMAS with crystal, the coolest partner ever.

BFA Senior Exhibit Spring 2012

from one artist to another.i’m not giving up photography.i would never.
i’m just going in a different direction.i’m moving on to bigger and better things. 


i have officially lost all motivation. 

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